Anjali Alappat

Writer, Editor, Content Consultant

Samples Of My Work

Writer and editor for KnowYourStar

Anshul Sinha – The Filmmaker Who Is Using His Art To Showcase Social Issues

Swati Janu – On Starting ModSkool, Choosing To Build Dreams And Reconstruct Attitudes

Tina Garg – On Pink Lemonade, Starting Her Own Business & Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Anisha Oommen & Aysha Tanya – The Culinary Chroniclers Behind The Goya Journal

Prateek Kaul – On Starting Giftabled And Using E-Commerce To Build A More Inclusive Society

Shaswat Jena – The Gamer Who Found His Purpose In Inclusive Technology

Content Writer & Editor (Freelance) for Wedding Wishlist

In Full Bloom

Planned to Perfection

It’s All About The Details 

Something Borrowed

Say Cheese!

Amit & Sriranjini 

Divya & Vinayak 

Writer and sub-editor for Nomadic 

Mile High Club –  Feature article for Nomadic Magazine (London, UK)

Get Stamped – Feature article for Nomadic Magazine (London, UK)

Interviews & Features (For Club Class, Inbox 1305 and A La Carte Magazines)

Interview with Andrea Jeremiah –  Inbox 1305 (Chennai, India)

Master’s Pieces – Club Class (Chennai, India)

Crafting our Future – Club Class (Chennai, India)

An Honourable Man – Club Class (Chennai, India)

Maldives to Marriott – A La Carte (Chennai, India)

Art in the City – Club Class (Chennai, India)

Taking the Stage – Club Class (Chennai, India)

The Evolution of Superheroes – Club Class (Chennai, India)

Essentially Fashionable – Interview with Sidney Sladen – JFW (Chennai, India)

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