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The Know Your Star Series

As some of you might already know, I spent the last two years working with a wonderful non-profit organisation called KnowYourStar. During that time, I had the chance to meet some amazing people and the best part? I got to write all about it. So, when the opportunity came along to compile those interviews into a series of textbooks for kids – I was all in. After six months of hard work, these beauties are now available for purchase.

What is all the fuss about?

The ‘Know Your Star’ series was conceptualized to raise awareness among students about the different opportunities available to them by introducing inspirational role models into their lives. By sharing the stories of these role models, we aim to broaden the horizons of our youth, sow seeds of aspiration, and nurture strong dreams.

A set of “Know Your Star” series currently has 5 volumes. Each volume consists of 10 stories of role models, who have made a strong impact in their chosen fields. The books have been curated with utmost care and feature simple explanations for complex professions to encourage easy understanding. The books are peppered with individual and group challenges that nudge students to view the world differently. Another special feature of the book is that the pages are filled with beautiful hand-drawn black and white illustrations (that double up as a coloring pages!)

Be a part of our mission to ensure that every student has access to diverse role models. Encourage the future painters, astronauts, magicians, scientists, engineers, dancers and doctors to dream, build and achieve by making this book a reality!

Though I’m no longer working with KYS full-time, I absolutely believe in the great work that they do. Now known as Team Tarkeybein, they are doing their best to make education an inclusive and accessible part of life. There’s nothing more important in my opinion!

If you’d like to buy the series, please do! The proceeds go towards funding Tarkeybein, an extraordinary organisation that is working towards educating and empowering rural and underprivileged youth all over India.

You can buy your own copies here

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